How many miles will a Harley Davidson engine last?

What is considered high mileage for a Harley?

For small sports bikes, 20,000 to 30,000 is on the high side. For larger bikes, 50,000 miles and up is considered high motorcycle mileage. But before you write off any models, consider that a properly maintained bike can last well past 100,000 miles!

Is 30 000 a lot of miles on a Harley?

20,000-30,000 miles for smaller bikes is the high number while 50,000+ miles is high for larger bikes. … A bike type will determine what high mileage is for a motorcycle.

How reliable are Harley engines?

If you properly maintain your Harley Davidson engine, there’s no reason it can last for 150,000 miles. While these results aren’t guaranteed, Harley Davidson engines are among the more reliable components in the bike. It’s the smaller components that many owners complain about.

How much does it cost to rebuild a Harley engine?

Overall, the total costs of a motorcycle engine rebuild will vary anywhere from as little as $500 to as much as $8,000 for a professional to complete the job.

How much does it cost to rebuild a motorcycle engine?

Brand Engine Rebuild Quote
Harley Davidson $3,900 for complete package
Honda $5,000 for complete rebuild

Is 20 000 miles a lot for a Harley?

Having said that, I wouldn’t hesitate to buy a well maintained Harley with 15,000-20,000 miles. Only thing is, the more miles the more important it is to know the owner and how they cared for it.

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How long does a motorcycle engine last?

Typically, a motorcycle engine should last somewhere between 50,000 miles to 250,000 miles depending on the make and type of the engine, and the maintenance and usage by the rider.

How many miles per gallon does a Harley 1200 Sportster get?

The Harley-Davidson Sportster series, which includes the XL 883’s and the XL 1200’s models, have fuel tank capacities ranging from 3.3 – 4.5 gallons. These models feature miles per gallon ratings ranging from 33MPG to 59MPG. These are good amounts because of their small fuel capacity.