What are two alternatives to rocket engines?

What is an alternative to rocket?

If you don’t like rocket then watercress may be an alternative, though watercress leaves still have a peppery flavour. Otherwise baby spinach leaves would probably be the best alterative. They are milder in flavour and may still hold up better with the gravy than some more delicate leaves.

What will replace chemical rockets?

Rockets powered by microwaves could replace chemical combustion rockets.

Can a railgun shoot into space?

Can a rail gun achieve escape velocity? Yes, railguns could theoretically accelerate projectiles over escape velocity. One foreseen use is in fact to use small projectiles to repeatedly hit an orbiting spaceship, until enough energy is transferred to make it reach its escape velocity.

Is magnetic propulsion possible?

The present state of modern technology allows the use of magnetic propulsion systems as orbital microthrusters in the near-to-earth space. The current thrust-to mass ratios of these systems are relatively low. Nevertheless, since they do not require propulsive mass, the vehicle mass is constant.

Can microwaves create thrust?

A microwave electrothermal thruster (MET) uses microwave energy to sustain a plasma in a flowing gas, this energy is subsequently converted into thrust as the gas expands through a nozzle.

Can rockets be electric?

Electric rockets propel space vehicles by applying electric or electromagnetic fields to clouds of charged particles, or plasmas, to accelerate them. levels than their chemical cousins, they can even- tually enable spacecraft to reach greater speeds for the same amount of propellant.

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Is a jet engine a rocket?

The main difference between the two types of engine is that a rocket carries its own supply of oxygen for combustion. A jet engine requires oxygen from the atmosphere for combustion, and so cannot operate in the vacuum of space.