What does motor turn mean?

What is a 12 turn motor?

ORIGINAL: Dawman. A 12 turn motor will be tons faster and will drain a battery faster . Just as he said. a twelve turn motor will have more RPM, less torque, and draw more current. The number or turns refers toi the number of times the wire is warpped around your armature in the motor.

How many turns is a 540 motor?

27 turns and yes.

What does 12T mean on RC Motors?

Twelve turns around each motor pole using triple wires. Three wires are would twelve times around the pole. A 12T double would use two wires wound twelve times and a 12T single a single thicker wire wound twelve times around each rotor pole.

Does more turns mean more torque?

The higher the number of turns greater is the torque generated and hence greater is the power delivered. However that also means less RPM rating for your rc car electric motor. Generally less turns are preferred for making the rc car run faster.

How many turns is a Mabuchi 540?

Tamiya Mabuchi RS 540sh Stock 27 Turn Motor 7435035.

How many kV is a 13.5 motor?

Like I said prior, my 13.5t is between about 3000-4000 kv, but thats just a general range.

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