What is the best purpose of lubrication in an engine Why?

What is the best purpose of lubrication in an engine?

The use of lubricating oils in vehicles is vital to their operation. When an engine is properly lubricated, it needs to put less work into moving pistons as the pistons glide easily. In the long run, this means that the car is able to operate while using less fuel and run at a lower temperature.

What is the main purpose of lubricant?

The primary purpose of lubrication is to reduce wear and heat between contacting surfaces in relative motion.

What is the purpose of lubrication of engine parts?

The lubricant helps in the formation of a tight seal between the cylinder walls and rings which prevents the escape of chamber gases. The oil film present on the surface of the engine parts also provides the required lubrication which helps the rings to move freely and stay in close contact with each other.

What is the purpose of lubricating oil on any system and why it is very important?

The lubrication system of an engine provides a supply of lubricating oil to the various moving parts in the engine. Its main function is to enable the formation of a film of oil between the moving parts, which reduces friction and wear. The lubricating oil is also used as a cleaner and in some engines as a coolant.

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