Why is safety device significant to main engine?

What are the reasons why there are safety devices installed on the main engine?

To avoid any major loss or damage to the marine engine, several protective devices are fitted to safeguard the engine from major damages and breakdown.

  • Different Types of Protections on a Ship’s Marine Engine.
  • Different Engine Slow Down Situations.
  • Different Shut down Situations.
  • Different Starting Interlocks are.

What is the importance of different safety devices and automatic control equipment installed in the main engine?

Therefore, different safety devices are used on board ship and installed on the main switchboard (MSB) and electrical distribution panels. This ensures safe and efficient running of machineries and safety of the personal from electric shock even when one system is at fault.

What are the alarm provide in main engine?


  • Cooling water High temperature alarm,
  • Jacket cooling water low pressure alarm,
  • Air cooler high temperature alarm,
  • Fuel oil high temp,
  • Fuel oil Low pressure.
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What I understand about safety devices?

A safety device is a piece of equipment such as a fire extinguisher, safety belt, or burglar alarm that reduces loss or damage from a fire, accident, or break-in. … The defective condition of the safety device in the stove was the likely cause of the fire.

What are the important safety devices fitted on main switch board?

What are switchboard safety devices ?

  • Overload trip.
  • Preferential trip.
  • Under voltage trip.
  • Over voltage trip.
  • Reverse power relay (No voltage trip)
  • Reverse current trip.
  • Fuse.
  • A .C .B( Air circuit breaker )

What are the safety devices on a boiler?

List of all the boiler safety devices

  • Safety valve.
  • Low or high water level alarm.
  • Too low water level alarm and shut down.
  • Water level indicators.
  • Pressure gauge.
  • Water level indicators.
  • Flame failure alarm.
  • Smoke density alarm.

What would be the causes the main engine to slowdown at sea?

Causes of shut down

Main and thrust bearing low low oil pressure. Thrust bearing high temperature.

What is the main purpose and used of main engine control system?

Main engine control system is used for automatic remote control and protection of main ship’s diesels. It permits to change direction and speed rotation of propeller directly from the bridge by navigators.

What is main engine control system?

Main marine engine is responsible for propulsion of the ship and its direction and rotation are controlled from either bridge or Engine Control Room (ECR) through telegraph and fuel lever control. This control system is a remote control type used for both sea voyage and manoeuvring of vessel.

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Why do we need alarm and monitoring system in engine room?

The machinery in the engine room has various safety devices and alarms fitted for safe operation. If any machinery malfunctions, a common engine room alarm is operated, and the problem can be seen in the control room alarm panel, which will display the alarm.

Which of the following is a crankcase safety device?

There are various safety devices such as the crankcase exhaust fan, relief valve, bearing temperature sensor, breather pipe, oil mist detector, lube oil temperature sensor, and alarm.

What device prevents the engine from being started if this device is engaged?

Engine immobilizers are devices that prevent a vehicle from starting unless they receive the correct signal from the driver. The goal of these systems is to reduce car theft. Engine immobilizer devices isolate the ignition system, the fuel system, the starter engine, or a combination of these systems.